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London, United Kingdom

Number 22

Number 22 is a cosy tapas restaurant in Herne Hill, South London, serving imaginative Mediterranean cuisine and premium drinks, recently renovated and reopened with a new stylish and colorful interior. To reflect the restaurant’s modern take on ...

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Firenze, Italia

Hotel Ville Sull'Arno *****

Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance, the main city of Tuscany, is a hidden treasure, with thousand facets. With its churches and its buildings is the city of art, which houses inside incredible museums, with masterpieces envied by the greatest...

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Athens, Greece


Athens is a city full of life that gives unique and special feelings. The beautiful monuments of the Greek capital date back to very ancient time and alternate with modern buildings of its trendy neighborhoods. Athens is privileged to not look lik...

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Växjö, Sweden

Båtsmannen Bar & Restaurang

Båtsmannen is a modern bar and restaurant with a very young and trendy atmosphere, located in the heart of Växjö. The restaurant has been recently renovated and refurbished using chairs and stools Linea in walnut.

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Jesolo, Italia

Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa *****

Almar Resort & Spa is located in one of the most popular destinations on the Adriatic Coast, in close proximity to Venice and the major cities of Veneto. With its 15 km of uninterrupted golden beach, interspersed with its distinctive piers, and th...

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Balatonfüred, Hungary

Hotel Silver Resort ****S

Hotel Silver Resort was built in Balatonfüred, a former Roman settlement, now a marvellous city which brings back remote times. The hotel welcomes its guests with such historic traditions plus all modern conveniences. Built in wonderful scenery, ...

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Villach, Austria

Thermenhotel Karawankenhof ****

Thermenhotel Karawankenhof is a thermal spa hotel, a landing zone for adventure, health and fitness and is nestled in Warmbad-Villach, the well-known thermal spa resort, where traditional summer recreation meets with today´s powerful dynamics of ...

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Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom


London is certainly one of the most modern and effervescent European capitals, where we can find a multitude of different cultures from all over the world. In the city center there is Covent Garden, a district famous for its market and theaters an...

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Corno di Rosazzo, Italia

Villa Nachini - Cabassi

Villa Nachini - Cabassi, is the new home of the “Consorzio dei Colli Orientali del Friuli Venezia Giulia“. The villa, which dates back to 1720, is considered one of the first Venetian villas in Friuli with architectural features of the High M...

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Wroclaw, Poland

Platinum Palace Hotel *****

Wroclaw, situated on the Oder river, is a unique city, consisting of 12 islands connected with 117 bridges. Located in the historical part of Wroclaw, near the monumental South Park, Platinum Palace combines the exclusivity and prestige of a five...

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