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Jönköping, Sweden

Åtta Glas

Åtta Glas is a restaurant with a menu based on the Scandinavian and Italian dishes in an inviting ambience and a nice atmosphere. A new lounge area was created to make it possible for many customers to sit down, enjoy a drink, listen to beautiful...

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United Kingdom

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise, known for pizza and side dishes. They have more than 10.000 restaurants in about 100 countries around the world. Some of these restaurants have been furnished with a customize...

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Bucarest, Romania

Casa di David

Bucharest is Romania's capital and is a city in strong and continuous evolution. Located near the shore of Lake Herastrau and immersed in the beautiful park surrounding it, the restaurant Casa di David stands out for its good food, contemporary d...

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Lidingö, Sweden

Scandic Hotell Foresta ****

Scandic Foresta  Hotel is set on a cliff on Lidingö Island with spectacular views of Stockholm and the archipelago. The hotel’s 6th floor restaurant offers lunch and dinner in a pleasant atmosphere with panoramic views of the Värtan Strait an...

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Uppsala, Sweden

Viktoria Hotell & Konferens ***

Hotel Viktoria is a nice structure and is located 4 km from the center of Uppsala.   For the dining room they have chosen the chairs model Nanita 155 SE while in the bar has been used stools Rose 101 SG.

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Stockholm, Sweden

NK Bar

NK Bar is located in the commercial center Nordiska Kompaniet in Stockholm, is a classic cocktail bar that offers a mix of cocktails and a varied selection of champagnes and fine wines. For the furniture have been used chairs model Flecta 143 SE.

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Fagersta, Sweden

Best Western Fagersta Brukshotell ***

The Fagersta Brukshotell is a modern hotel located in the city center with all the amenities that will make your visit in Fagersta a pleasant experience whether you are traveling for pleasure or business.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Café Entrée

Café Entrée is a high class café whose pleasant atmosphere and beautiful surroundings make it one of the most interesting places in Stockholm, for celebrities and ordinary people. It is proposed a delicious menu where imagination and creativity...

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Växjö, Sweden

Araby Wärdshus - Växjö Golfklubb

Araby Wärdshus is located in Växjö Golf Club in the heart of a nature reserve. It has been recently renovated with larger structures, which organizes weddings, anniversaries and events. The menu is mainly made by homemade food. The chairs are ...

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Tärnaby, Sweden

Tärnaby Fjällhotell ***

The Tärnaby Fjällhotell in Lapland is a hotel that offers accommodation, conference rooms, pub, restaurant and bar for a cozy staying, with the tradition of a mountain and an active lifestyle! For the dining room have been used modern chairs Fl...

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