Skopje, Macedonia


Microsoft, the worldwide known tech giant, has many sites in different countries.
The task of designing Microsoft’s office in Skopje, Macedonia, was handed over to KL Studio architects, that delivered an interior design which focuses on the experience of the place and the expression of local values and culture. 
During these past decades the nature of the modern work place is rapidly evolving. Due to researchers’ exploration of the impact of interior working spaces on productivity, creativity, and well-being, working styles are significantly changing. Microsoft’s workplace design guideline explicitly promotes the company’s belief that the working space is for the employee and visitor, and that their branding is more than just about logos and colors.
The whole office, located a new building in Skopje’s center, has a home-office feel as spaces are designed open and dynamic, and the furniture suggests a laid-back friendly atmosphere. Leisure, literally, fills the air. The common areas have been furnished with our Spring coffee tables: legs in natural beech and white Fenix top.
Photography: Andrijana Tilic

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