Münster, Germania

Maison Morel

The blue colors combined with comfortable bistro tables, which invite you to linger at the Maison Morel, are next to the beautiful mosaic tiles which convey a certain holiday charm.

The Breton origin is not only noticeable in the menu, but also in the design of the creperie. In the interior, a traditional black and white patterned floor has been integrated, wood and natural materials characterize the stylish furnishings in which the Frisbee model from the Cizeta Premium Collection stand out.

A French Michelin-starred chef, original recipes from Brittany and an authentic interior that beams guests to the Atlantic: under these conditions, the concept of the Maison Morel, which serves traditional Breton crêpes, could only succeed. The highlight is the open kitchen, where guests can watch the chef prepare the French specialties. Floor-to-ceiling windows to the courtyard, which are wide open in good weather, provide an airy, bright and friendly ambience.


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