1671 PO B98F


Beech / Polyurethane
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F
PRISMA - 1671 PO B98F

Product Dimensions

Max height 108
Length 80
Width 71
Seat height 40
Altezza_bracciolo 58
Packaging weight
Dimensions (cm)
weight (Kg)

Packing sizes

VOLUME: 0.71 m3
HEIGHT: 120 cm
WIDTH: 93 cm
DEPTH: 77 cm

3D Models

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Technical sheets

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Benatti Brothers

Benatti Brothers is a new company founded in 2014 by a long entrepreneurial project. Combines the passion for art and design to a ten-year experience of work and study in the furniture and electromedical industry with interdisciplinary skills. Benatti Brothers deals with product design, integrating the creative with the technical, paying attention on every aspect of the project. In 2015 integrates its study site in Pradamano (UD) with new equipment and started the first collaborations with furniture companies in Italy and abroad.  
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