L'Abbate collection

An agreement was signed a few weeks ago that envisions the acquisition of the prestigious trademark of Italian design L’Abbate by the Cizeta group, permitting the latter to expand its range of products and strengthen its already keen presence in major international markets, while at the same time establishing a leading presence in the sector of luxury furnishings. 
Thanks to the potential commercial, financial and production synergies, in its new configuration the company is concentrating on increasing production and its relative market share in Europe and outside of Europe over the next few years, expanding product development and capacity. 
In the wake of important growth achieved over the last two years, this operation represents an exceptional opportunity to develop the L’Abbate brand, which thanks to the strength of the firm from San Giovanni al Natisone, one of the most important producers of the Italian Chair District, will be able to emphasise sustainable and long-lasting growth. 
This intriguing operation will allow clients to have an increased choice of options through its coherent and complementary range, in the context of the dynamic growth of the company. 
The international showcase of the Orgatec trade fair in Cologne was the occasion to present the new company structure to the wider public. For the first time Cizeta presented a selection of its collections, together with the most representative products of its new brand, in a single exhibition space.

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