Cizeta works with renowned Italian and international designers, in order to make its collection ever more comprehensive and complete, giving attention and providing opportunities to young talents. This shared laboratory of encounters, ideas, creative inspirations and ideas regarding materials and construction techniques, creates a constant flow of new products, often featured in magazines, alongside the classic "best sellers" of the Cizeta collection, which are also constantly reinterpreted according to new trends.

Paolo Martinig

Born in Cividale del Friuli (UD) in 1962, after the studies, begins in 1986 to work in the communications world and there he remains till 1994 working in Milan, Treviso and Udine, but the limit between communication and design is very thin, a...

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Gonçalo Campos

Gonçalo Campos is a Portuguese product designer. Graduated in product Design in 2008, he soon after joined Fabrica, Benetton’s communications research centre, in the design studio. This gave him the chance to work with brands such as Secondome,...

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Edi & Paolo Ciani Design

Product and interior designers at the firm Studio Associato, Edi and Paolo Ciani have designed furnishings and items of Industrial Design for over 25 years. Since 1987 their Studio has created and developed products for important firms in the fie...

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Studio Pang

Fabio Damiani and Marco Quistini set up studioPANG in October 2012, based on the shared idea that by combining diverse passions and skill sets, the approach to the project is enriched with new ideas and perspectives. Design, architecture and comm...

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Studio Balutto Associati

An atelier continuously active, half way between a creative workshop and a productions shop. Founded by Adriano Balutto, recently enriched with a new creative assistance, with the  presence of the architect Veronica Balutto. The studio increases ...

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Giulio Lazzotti

Giulio Lazzotti was born in Pietrasanta, near Lucca in Tuscany in 1943. He graduated in Architecture at the University of Florence where he also taught from 1973 to 1975. He received the Oscar for the best furnishing project at the “Moving of Pa...

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Benatti Brothers

Benatti Brothers is a new company founded in 2014 by a long entrepreneurial project. Combines the passion for art and design to a ten-year experience of work and study in the furniture and electromedical industry with interdisciplinary skills. ...

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Thesia Progetti

Born in the 70s, as a architectural and engineering studio, Studio Thesia soon becomes a multidisciplinary studio in many other fields of creative activity going in and applying to all sectors the same professionalism.    MINO BRESSAN - ARCHIT...

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StudioLab was set up in 2007 through the talent of young creatives who over the years have specialised in furniture and lighting, dedicating their experience to the design of the most widely varying industrial products, graphic design and outfitti...

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